Meet our team

We are ONE Graval team, passionate about creating an best-fit and innovative solution to our customers. Our professional team members have solid track record in business consulting and valuation services, talent management consulting, business transformation and change management projects for over a hundred of listed and unlisted enterprises covering various industries. We combines a global perspective with keen local insight, adopt a holistic and collaborative approach, getting to the heart of clients’ businesses, tailoring individual solutions to fit for each unique business model and its people.

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Kelvin Chan

“Life is just your soul travel to this world. Do what is meaningful and valuable to you and your loved ones. Enjoy it and make this world colourful”

Kelvin specialise in business valuation & financial consulting

Manfred Lau

“As a person, character always comes before competence. As for work, hard working always comes after understanding”

Manfred specialise in business and management consulting

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Dora Chow

“There is always something good waiting for you...only if you keep trying”

Dora specialise in talent acquisition and recruitment consulting

Vanson Leung

“Learning by doing is the best way in mobile apps development, if we don't success at the first place, it's call version 1.0”

Vanson specialise in digital marketing and mobile Apps solution

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Alex Lau

“Energy flows where attention goes”

Alex specialise in HR management and recruitment consulting

William Ho

“Speak up is ability, Speak less is Wisdom, Speak right is Art”

William specialise in business story telling and executive coaching

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Fiona Woo

“Whatever you do, do it well”

Fiona specialise in marketing and personal branding

Kelvin Ju

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”

Kelvin specialise in talent management and technology solution

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Kristy Wan

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”

Kristy specialise in project management and customer service

Ivan Chan

“Creativity takes us to the biggest unknown”

Ivan specialise in Business branding and Innovation consulting