When it comes to business growth and performance, smart organisation leaders will always team up with a quality business accelerating partner to minimise risk of failure on business transformation execution. Here are some featured services our customers agree on Graval's value to them.

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Transformation Partner

To sustain business growth and adapt rapid change of today’s market, business needs to transform and create unique value proposition that can differentiate from others.

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Change Ahead

Enables employees to adopt a change so that business objectives are realized. It is the bridge between solutions and results, and it is fundamentally about people, and our collective role of transforming change into successful outcomes for our organizations.

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Through partnering with the project owner and execution leaders, some typical transformations examples in our experience are change of business model and processes, mergers and acquisitions, cross function organisational restructuring and culture enhancement. These are not only within the companies but also across entire value chain.

We believe transformation will change the way of doing business, relationship of a company and its customers and suppliers, economic and social environment.

Graval team partner with our customers in apply Change Management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change. We also coach the business leaders in Leading high performance team and develop their Positive leadership competent.

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Managing Talent

As the business world faces severe talent shortage, the top priority of most organisations is to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees. The goal is to create a high-performing, sustainable organisation that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

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Brand Yourself

Personal branding not only enhances positive influencing and work performance but also Improve team collaboration, Interpersonal effectiveness and efficiency.

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Graval talent management team partner with our customers to develop a set of integrated organisational workforce processes designed Talent management solution, together with a selection of HR technology application, e-Learning platform and creative content digitalisation services.

Graval offer Executive Image and Presentation enhancement, Communication and influencing skills that lead to positive leadership 

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Innovation Inside

Innovation, besides products and services, also includes new processes, new business systems and new methods of management, which have a significant impact on performance and growth.

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Growth Engine

Acceleration of business growth usually involves strategic business development, M&A / IPO, project financing and group restructuring

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Graval innovation team partner with our customers to deliver digital media solution, creative online tool development which enhance overall business branding and stories that their customers can remember.

GRAVAL Consulting offers professional business consulting, IR and PR services, business valuation services for a wide range of industries.

Our seasoned team have served over a hundred listed companies and private businesses in Hong Kong, mainland China and other countries to help them achieve their business objectives. We help incubate and accelerate business growth of enterprises.